Thursday, April 29, 2010

The objects of my affection!

Hello!! Hope everyone is out planting flowers and playing in the sun!

We have certainly been enjoying these nice temperatures :)

We've been finishing up the backyard garden (will post all about that when it's done!), walking to school almost every morning, and of course, sneaking in a few trips to the ice cream shop that is almost dangerously close to our house :)

I have displayed a few new little items that I wanted to show yall!

Ok, I am totally IN LOVE with the Post Box!! I have been keeping an eye out for one since I saw something similar in a magazine a couple of years ago. I found this one on Ebay for a good price! I have some odd fascination with the mail in general. The fact that you can put a little piece of paper in a box beside your house and it can travel all the way around the world for less than a dollar is just amazing to me! I also have a {small} infatuation with all things British.

I love to wonder just what kinds of letters graced this box. Who owned her? Did she sit outside of a charming Cotswald cottage or a chic London apartment? Were there letters of love and adoration placed inside, a message of a mother to a daughter?? I could go on and on...needless to say I'm thrilled!

The only problem is I just can't decide where to put it. Right now there are about 5 different places where it would be perfect, but for now, she'll stay right there!

See that cute green folder?? I just recently got it from {Walmart}....shhhh, don't tell! :)

This loving cup champagne cooler is also from Ebay. I love the way the plant looks in it!

Now Im not quite sure what this is above, but I know it will be beautiful when I get it cleaned up. It has the initials dEk on it. This came from my a new antique/vintage store I've just happily discovered.

Hope you have a great day!!!