Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A little home tour...

I fell in love with our home the moment we walked around the property. You know that feeling you get when everything just fits :) Our home was built in 1926 and is right in the middle of our small, southern town. From here I can walk to restaurants, shops, a spa, the salon, a newsstand, a book store, a bakery, and my church! How lucky am I???

Our home is tiny on space, but big on love....just the way I like it! I haven't had time to finish every little detail, but I wanted to give you a peak around anyhow. Hope you enjoy!

I spend so much time in my laundry room that I even want it to be cute! Looks like I'm out of detergent again!!

...this is my secret to a nice smelling home :)

These beautiful impatients are just sitting in my kitchen waiting to be planted!

Some of my favorite reads.....

My bedside table.....

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