Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Time!

Welcome summer.....

I've been waiting on ya!!!

This is my cozy, little deck off of my kitchen. It is my favorite spot to read a book. In the evening it's shaded and away from lots of noise. It feels like a little hideaway for me :)

I love how my hydrangea peeks through the deck railing!

(The round table with the checkered tablecloth would be behind me in this picture....along with a wrought iron bench, just in case you were curious!)

What's your favorite summer tradition? I need to start some good ones and I'd love your ideas!


  1. This is such a cozy, adorable, fun spot! I just love it. I love the green on your door. What color is that? Summer traditions...hmmm...we make a "summer fun list" every year with different things the kids want to do during the summer. Some are simple like make/eat popsicles and go to the fruit stand. Others are things like going to White Water or going skating etc. We check them off as we do them. We also love eating breakfast outside in the summer.
    Enjoy that cozy little deck of yours!
    Amy (

  2. LOVE your deck!! And that door makes me want to swoon...
    My favorite summer pasttime?? Pine for Fall!! Seriously!!

  3. I love your cozy little nook!!! You have truly made your deck an enjoyable place to relax with family!!! Love ya girl!