Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bathroom reveal...sort of...

Ok...I promised you pictures..and pictures you shall have.
The funny thing is, as I was taking the pictures I started seeing all the things that I forgot weren't completely done...has that ever happened to you???? I was so frustrated! I'm going to show you anyway and I'll narrate how things are suppose to be and we can pretend that they're done, right?!
Here she is!
It's kinda hard to photograph..#1 b/c I'm not very good and #2 b/c it's a very narrow space...I couldn't get back far enough!

I thought the curtains did a good job of hiding the ugly bath...I really love how it feels in there now. It added a lot of elegance that the space definitely didn't have before!

I used this old champagne cooler as a towel holder...just love that shape! The hand towels are actually old cloth napkins with our monogram on them.

Those plates are going above the photo asap!
This is an up-close shot of the chandie. I love, love, love came from Home Depot :)

This is the old cabinet. Painted it, put new knobs on it, and used and old curtain I had to hide the spot where the doors use to be.
These are glass shelves that are behind the door as you walk in. You can't see them until you close the door...any suggestions for decorating them? I like the way they look, but it could be a little "better"...
I found these numbers at a local hardware store and painted them black. I put different numbers on both doors in the room. I have the old-fashioned mail slots to put on the door as well...just haven't quite gotten to it. what do you think?? You can see in the last picture that I still haven't done the trim (above the switches). That will be done next, and then there are a couple of little things to hang and touches that need to be made right. Hope you like it...I think it's at least better than what I had! I wanted to put more pictures but I exceeded my amount for this post...maybe some more tomorrow!

The painting above the toilet came from this's one of my favorites. Thanks for looking and I hope you like what you see!!!!


  1. This looks great! What an improvement! I LOVE the plates, the glass shelves, and that number 3 on the door. Very inventive!

  2. That is already so much better!! LOVE the chandie!!