Friday, October 23, 2009

2 for 1

I found this great rug while shopping at Walmart. I am using it in my bathroom. It is the perfect rug because it has the no-skid back, plus it is machine washable.....a must if you have little ones that tend to spill all kinds of crazy things!!

So, do you want to know the very best part about this rug (other than the super affordable price of $18)???? It came with a full year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens!!!!

That's one of my favorite magazines!

The rug had a little card on it that you added your info to, detached and sent on it's way.

Here is the link on the Walmart site...however, it may only be the in-store ones that come with the subscription...sorry, not sure about that!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!! Please see the below post to find out about a giveaway!!!

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