Monday, October 26, 2009

From drab to fab!!

I wanted to share my cute, little chair with everyone today....

I am so very excited about her :o)

My super talented friend, Elizabeth, seamstress-extraordinaire, made these slipcovers.
Didn't she do a wonderful job!?!

The chair was a hideous teal green before, and the ottoman was an old and faded plaid.

The striped material is actually bed sheets from the Simply Shabby Chic line at Target. The floral was from a discount fabric shop. They both can be thrown into that washing machine for a quick clean up.

Here is a close up of the skirt she added at the just looks cozy doesn't it?!

I would love to have them professionally reupholstered, however it's not in the budget or particularly practical at the moment.

This is my favorite spot in the whole house right now. When you walk in my front door, THIS is the happy chair the greets you!! I love to sit and read a book here after the little ones have gone to bed.

It is a very blustery day here in Georgia, but I hope you are warm and cozy!
Have a wonderful, wonderful week!!


  1. The chair looks so good and very inviting! I would love to sit there too! It looks better slipcovered than reupholstered anyway...much more character!
    and I love that rug too! I might have to get one for my bathroom.