Monday, August 24, 2009

Postcards from Paris

I received a wonderful treat in the mail today. My oldest friend in the world is in Paris for a month ( I know...tell me about it!). I'm sure they've been strolling the lovely Parisian streets, sipping chocolat chaud, and enjoying the least that's what I'd be doing!! Instead of just one little, lonely postcard waiting in my box there were TWO. How lovely is that?? J'adore mes amies!!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Katherine Ann! Looks like you're off to a great start. Nice to meet you. :-)

  2. Your blog is fun!
    Happy blogging and thanks for the visit!

  3. Oh Katherine Ann,
    Thank you for your e-mail you made my day. I love blogging and I am always thrilled when someone joins the neighborhood. French postcards...I was just creating cards with a French design. How blessed to have a friend to visit there.

    Your blog is lovely and if you ever need any help at all, please write to me. I added your blog to the list of ones that I follow.

    Welcome to the neighborhood.


  4. Welcome to blogging...I have truly enjoyed it for over a year now! And how wonderful to have a friend in Paris!

  5. Welcome Katherine Ann! I was glad to hear from you (e-mail) and visit your blog.

    You must keep it going now you've made it so interesting and fun. I love how you write. I write about my small cottage home too - and believe me there's always something new to share with one's readers - especially if you shop the Goodwill and the vintage/second-hand shops! They are the fun places - that's where the treasure hunt begins. They can keep the malls - I no longer go there unless absolutely necessary.

    I hope we'll see much more of your life in your Georgia town. I'm in North Carolina, not so far away. Would it be OK to add a link to your blog - I'm sure some of my friends would love to read and share in your blog too?

    Have a wonderful week......and please keep blogging. I'll be looking for you.


  6. Hello Katherine Ann and welcome to blogland! It's so much fun! Thank you for emailing me! I do love your sweet blog and I think you are off to a wonderful start without a doubt! Mary had some great suggestions. I love to see the sidebar full of pictures of homes, buttons from other blogs, etc. I am more of a visual person and love to l@@k! Peeking into ones home is grand to, as you are doing! Love your hutch and dishes! Cute choice of background! See you soon!