Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The thrill of Goodwill!

I have a confession......I used to be a mall-aholic. Shocking I know :o) I loved going to the mall to "window shop". I would somehow always end up with a little something to take home. I am now proud to say that I've been off the wagon (or is it on? I never can remember) for 3 months. Yep, I haven't been to the mall the ENTIRE summer! I was able to stop cold turkey because I found something even better.....GOODWILL!!

I know some of yall are way ahead of me with this one, but it's a new find for moi! I can't believe the things I can get for such crazy low prices. Why didn't someone tell me about this before?!?! So since I have discovered this I have gone Goodwill crazy! I wanted to show you some of the amazing purchases I have gotten. Let me know what great things you've found there too! Also, is anyone else as beyond excited about this as I am??? I don't think my family get's it...but that's ok!

See those plates and bowls? (Not the green ones, but all the others). That was an entire set for $20! It incuded 6 dinner plates, 8 cups and saucers, cereal bowls, salad plates, serving bowls, sugar and creamer.....43 pieces in all! I looked it up online and it's a pattern that they use to sell at Sears...cute, huh?

See my cute litte cow painting...well, it has a small tear in the corner and it was $6.

This little cookie jar was $5...I love the cherries.
And this vintage painting was $4.99!!
Sorry about the quality of the photos...I'm going to work on taking better pictures I promise! Ok, so let me hear all about your deals! I'm already excited!!


  1. I love those dishes! And that cow picture is very unique! I don't seem to have as much luck at Goodwill. I guess I don't go enough. I prefer garage sales because I can leave my kids in the car while I look "real quick" :)
    I am interested in that Cricut if they put it half price! Thanks! I love your blog.

  2. Wow you found some great deals! We don't have much at our Goodwill but once in a great while I find a nice little treasure. I need to post some pictures of my thrift finds on my blog. Ohhhhh I love your cow painting. I swear animal paintings like that go for $100! I saw one of a little pig at a store that was half the size of your cow painting but nearly fainted (my son almost fainted too) when we saw the price!! $99 for a little painting! Isn't that nuts?
    I am addicted to Savers though. I found a nice little chest for 39.99. I looked it up online and it sells for over $200! Crazy huh? it's a long rectangular one so I put it in my living room and use it as a coffee table. It's my favorite find right now..but I also just found a great garden chair that I love.
    Oh sorry for going on and on. I really enjoyed your blog!

  3. I knew other people loved bargain shopping as much as I did!! Amy, I'm going to have to start going to more yard sales...hopefully this weekend :o)
    Jessica, thanks for your sweet comments! It sounds like you found quite a good deal on your chest! I'm sure it looks lovely in your living room!

  4. I LOVE Goodwill. In fact, I get bored shopping anywhere else. I love the adventure of never knowing what you may find. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am new as well. I enjoyed reading yours and will add it to my "list" to read.

  5. Great going - you racked up!!! I adore that cow painting - how unique and it would fit right in at our farm house. And the dishes - that pretty green and yellow pattern - how sweet. I love it. When I got married - I didn't even register for new dishes or china - I like the old stuff much better and all my grannies have the best dinnerware. Thankfully they are both still with us and we get to enjoy great meals on their beautiful plates a lot. Keep up the good shopping. Cathy