Sunday, August 9, 2009

A summer of firsts...including my first GIVEAWAY!!

You can tell it's August in plants just aren't lookin' very perky anymore!

Oh where has the summer gone?? It always seems to fly by. I am fortunate enough to have had my sweet husband home all summer since he is a teacher...yah!! We did so many wonderful family things. I don't know if anyone loves summertime more than my mother though. I have great childhood memories of fun summer activities that she use to do with me and my sisters. She was always working in her garden, making jams, or canning something really yummy for us to enjoy during the winter. I decided I wanted to try and pass down some of those wonderful traditions to my girls. Since my children are so young a garden didn't seem practical this year. However, I do have access to a fantastic local farmers market and decided to buy some fresh berries and give jam making a try! I was so nervous about trying it...but it couldn't have been easier (thank you Sure Jell)! I made blueberry jam first. Since it turned out so deliciously I gave it a try with peach, fig, and a blackberry/peach mix...yum, yum!! Needless to say, I have been making more bisquits than usual this summer.

Don't they look so pretty in my new hutch?! The store bought jam is about to have to find a new home because this week I'm giving apple butter a try! If you have any tips to share I would be very grateful!!
Since no one became sick from the jam I decided to test the waters with pie making. It's crazy I know, but everytime I would think about making a pie it seemed on par with mastering French cooking....I know, I know calm down already it's just a pie. But truthfully it seemed just out of my cooking safety zone :o) Well, I guess with old age comes a little bit of bravery (I knew turing 30 would be a good thing!). So, one afternoon I put on my apron, gathered up my ingredients, said a little prayer, and lo and behold....I MADE A PIE! Yep, all by myself, well me and Pilsbury...because (let's not go crazy) I didn't make the crust.
There it all it's peachy glory! Maybe next time I'll attempt the crust ;o)

I mentioned the new hutch in our kitchen. Here is a photo. I was in my favorite vintage store, Feathers and Twigs, and I fell in love with this!! My kitchen, like my entire house, is cozy and petite, so not just any piece will has to be just the right fit, you know what I mean, right? Well, I saw it and knew it would be perfect...the only problem was that(as reasonably priced as it was) it wasn't in our budget for the month. What to do, what to DO? I had them put it on hold for me so I could have time to think about what to do. As I was giving my "hold" information to one of the sweet ladies that work there, I happened to mention that I had some items they might be interested in. She told me to bring by what I had the next day and we'd see about taking some money off the price of the hutch! Perfect! I was already on my way to owning this pretty, little piece. Bright and early the next day I pulled up in the parking lot and pulled out my wares..and do you know what?? She liked what I had so much that she GAVE me the hutch....that's right, for free!! I was one happy camper :o) Now my little breakfast room is almost complete (and more important, I'm not poor...woohoo!).

Finally, since it's been a summer of firsts...I'm doing a giveaway, and yep, it's my first one ever!! Here's a picture of the items that could be yours!

There's a cute little teacup, a couple of dish towels, a box of (my favorite) cupcake mix, a "bless our home" sign, and, you guessed it, a fresh jar of my jam!! Hope you'll take a moment to leave a comment and, if you don't mind, maybe send a friend my way? I'll announce the winner next Sunday night, and until then...hope you have a wonderful day!


  1. I would just like to say how much I enjoy your blog! Love your adorable FREE hutch, it is just perfect. You are my hero, making homemade jam, I hope I'm the winner as I love jam. Thank you for stopping by my blog, I do really appreciate it.
    Hugs~ Michelle

  2. Love your hutch. And the cupcake mix looks yummy too.

  3. Hey! I didn't know you had a blog! Thanks for stopping by mine! I love the hutch and the price! What a deal. That jam looks yummy too!

  4. Hey, I found you thru Amy R. and Jen. I am from VR. Do you live in Carrollton?? My parents live in Fairfield. Small world, huh??

  5. Hi Elise~
    I do live in Carrollton!! I went to church with Amy R. before I it is quite a small world! It is so nice to meet you :o)

  6. Gosh, you've made me want to make a pie. It looks SO good!!

    Have a nice day too :)